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We work in the business… everyday

Welcome to the Successful Ice Cream Retailing home page. Since 1988, we have been giving sound advice, and conducting incredible courses for those thinking of getting into the ice cream business, and to those in the ice cream business.

At Successful Ice Cream Retailing, we are all about the fundamentals of the business. Choosing the right locations. Making great ice cream. Designing well run stores. Hiring the right people. Training well. Marketing to your ice cream business to its’ fullest potential. And most important, keeping more money from what you sell.

Dick Warren, Four Seas Ice Cream, established this course into the most recognized of its’ kind.

All of the instructors work in the industry… everyday. We aren’t consultants. We are experienced professionals who earn our livelihood in this industry. We are not affiliated or bound by equipment suppliers, allowing us to offer honest opinions of what works best for your desires. We simply teach what is right, giving you the resources to add years to your learning curve.

Successful Ice Cream Retailing courses are all affiliated by major dairy universities. You can be sure that you are getting accurate, up to date information from us. We work closely with Dr. Scott Rankin at University of Wisconsin for technical lectures and to access their laboratory expertise with ice cream and other frozen treats

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